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Citizen Defense Training offers Stay Safe Parties to inform and demonstrate crime prevention strategies with the most effective personal defense products available. 

Click here to see the types of  Personal Defense Products offered.


1. What is a Stay Safe Party?
Everyone has either attended or heard of a 'purse party'.  A Stay Safe Party is a product demonstration and sales event of the best personal safety and self defense products available.

2. Do I have to be in good health in order to participate?
No.  This is a product demonstration and sales event.  If you are looking for a self defense training program visit our Personal Self Defense Training page.

3. Is there a fee?
No.  These events are for the demonstration and purchase of personal defense products.

4. What can I expect to learn at a Stay Safe Party?
The power of a winning mindset, awareness and safety tips are highly emphasized at our events. There are numerous benefits one can receive by attending.

5. Why do you sell products?
Self-defense products are in important part of maintaining personal safety.  We believe that safety products are not readily marketed to consumers. Everyone has the right to be made aware and choose items which will aid them in staying safe. We also offer fitness items because we feel good fitness is one of your first lines of self-defense.

6. Are there benefits for the hostess like other parties?   Yes!  The host/hostess can enjoy discounts and free products for hosting.  Talk to one of the Citizen Defense Training Stay Safe Party reps to find out more.

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Click here to see the types of  Personal Defense Products offered.

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