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Before the Party:

Peer pressure exists.

  Plan ahead what you can say or do if you are in an uncomfortable situation.

  Try to plan events that focus on something besides alcohol.


  Go to the party with friends and make a pact to leave together.

  Look out for each other.

  Select a DESIGNATED DRIVER before the party.

During the Party:

Trust your instincts.

  Speak up if you feel uncomfortable.

  Don't be afraid to make a scene.

  Observe your environment.


  Know your limits and communicate them clearly.

  E.S.P. doesn't work. You must tell someone what you want.

Think Before You Drink.

  Know what's in your drink.

  Avoid "everything goes" punch.

  Beware of liquor courage.

  When alcohol and drugs are involved, a person is more vulnerable to be a victim or commit acquaintance rape.

After the Party:

Take Responsibility.

  Protect yourself. Protect others.

  Never let friends drive after they have been drinking. Help them find a safe ride home.

Think about the party.

  Are there parts that you don't remember? Are friends filling in the details? Take an honest look at your own drinking behavior.

  If you had a "close call," educate yourself. Get help. Learn healthy behaviors and attitude.

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